As long term suppliers to the hospitality industry, the ‘Hotel Retail Group’ team has a long history of developing solutions for hotel operators nationwide (retail, food service, vending, fitness, etc).
For example we are suppliers to a vast number of hotels for the Hotel Pantry, Breakfast Area, Fitness Center, Gift Shop and In Room Catering Programs.

HOTEL RETAIL GROUP: We are the sales and marketing arm for a broad based consultancy that has interests in hotel distribution, product development, consumer brands and more. With a long term history in the business the Hotel Retail Group will be continuing its efforts in launching new brands and projects relating to the hospitality industries. For hotels we have specific programs for the In Room Catering Program (, Hotel Pantry ( and Breakfast Area ( Look for our new Sundry Shops / Lobby Shops programming coming soon.

Perfect for the hotels that offer in room catering programs we have full offerings for new menu options and more. Traditional in room catering programs have menu staples such as cheese burgers, quesadillas, salads and soups. We have product development partners creating new options everyday.

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As part of our “Grab and Go” ( and general healthy food service programming we created The Hotel Retail Group (we are also pioneers in the hospitality space and one of the originators of the hotel pantry concept years ago and are currently equity owners in a hospitality distribution business).


A part of our ‘Cafeteria’ programming includes TV coverage of food service providers and independent operators offering innovative solutions to the demand for healthier options. Our TV show line-up includes Healthy Voyager (, Planet X (www.PlanetX.TV), Emotional Mojo ( and newer ones, Entrepreneur Magazine TV and Concierge TV.

We will be connecting with both food service providers, independent operators and food service distributors learning about their wellness and healthy eating campaigns.